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Pig Wheel® by Gaming Studio is only wheel table game in North Dakota bars since 1998

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Unique Attributes of Gaming Wheels

Wheels provide an experience different from cards, dice or even the balls in bingo and keno.  Wheels naturally glide to a stop.  In the case of vertical wheels, versus the rotating wheel of Roulette, the player can have a fair bit of time physically viewing the progress of their bets as the wheel slows to a stop.  We call the point from which a player is able to recognize their bet on a rotating wheel to the point at which the wheel stops - "the sweet zone."  In designing our wheels we provide a long sweet zone - meaning a long slowdown.  When watching players at our wheels, it is rewarding to view them lean forward, sometimes out of their chair, in anticipation as their bet selection rises on the wheel as a possible win.  Often there can be heard a little cheering, coaxing their number, or in the case of the Pig Wheel, their pig, to a fortuitous stop on top to win .  Should the paddle click past their number, the player can often be seen throwing themselves back into their chair in frustration -- sometimes this is accompanied with a spicy utterance.


You simply do not get this level of prolonged anticipation with cards, dice or balls.  Wheels provide a far better display of random output than most other gaming devices.  If you haven't tried one of our smooth, gliding wheels - you are missing out on a great time.

Origins of Pig Wheel®

In the Spring of 1998, Joe Richardson was asked by Lien Games to enter into a joint development whereby Richardson would design a wheel game to be marketed by Lien Games.  In keeping with the join development agreement between Lien and Richardson, all rights were transferred to Richardson and Gaming Studio, Inc.


Playing on the popularity of pig symbols designed by Norm Wilner of Universal Manufacturing for use with their pull tab games and working the popularity of pigs as an entertaining image, the product of Richardson's design was the Pig Wheel®.  Universal Manufacturing provided an exclusive right to use Norm's pig images for wheel games.  As to who the names of the pigs are referring to, I'll divulge one every few years.  "Bob" originally was named after Bob Krauth formerly of Moorhead, MN - a craftsman who built the original Great Gamble Gaming Studio (since 1998 just Gaming Studio) wheels and tables.


There are between 60 and 70 Pig Wheels in operation in North Dakota - or there were prior to the virus.  The game has been quite successful and effectively over ran the earlier placements of Tri-Wheel® in the state.  Likely has something to do with people liking pigs but more importantly the Pig looks simpler than the Tri-Wheel.  If people feel they need to ask how to play, they often just will walk away.

Could the Pig Wheel® Come to Minnesota?


In 2012, Minnesota authorized electronic simulated wheels.  That aimed to resolve issues with spin-bias caused by natural balance related anomalies, including variations in humidity in bars it also would solve the inadvertent and, possibly, intentional human spin bias ("pitching").  Additionally, the cost of using paper tickets with each and every wager, as required in Minnesota (not North Dakota), without this legislative fix, is so expensive both in cost of secured tickets and in labor consumed in tracking and accounting for inventory flow and such things as which tickets were associated with wins.


Since the 2012 session, attempts have been made to pass legislation in Minnesota that would provide an alternative to consuming a paper ticket with each and every wager on a wheel that uses a table to register such bets.  The absence of paper tickets would more than cover the acquisition of electronic wheels with electronic multi-player tables.  Also in that legislation we moved to have symbols included on a wheel instead of just numerals/numbers.  Certainly nothing that would make any difference operationally.  The legislation has never been able to make it to a committee vote in either the MN House or Senate because of the strong opposition by tribes.  You'd think they would support alternatives to wasteful paper tickets, but apparently they fear the games would take off and threaten tribal casinos business.  We really appreciate the endorsement of the game's prospects but would never claim that the Pig Wheel or the Tri-Wheel using an alternative to one ticket for each wager would threaten tribal casinos.  With every other game in Minnesota charitable gaming having an electronic wagering alternative, it would appear that tribes are driving way out of their gaming lane to stop non-profit organizations from having a tad more security and cost efficiency in wheel games already, or at least in the case of Tri-Wheel, in market in Minnesota.  I'm sure tribes would go ballistic if charities in Minnesota were to seriously go after having Blackjack or "21" in the bars - similar to charities in North Dakota.  Despite the prospect for 10,000 good paying part time jobs, the tribes would be quite loud at it being an attack on one of their games.  Yet, they have no problem stomping on charity games.  Tribes have lobbyists by the dozens and charities maybe two or three.  Here is the tribes 2019 very curious testimony, after which no vote was taken.  Why couldn't tribes operate the very same wheel game as the charities?


Allied Charities of Minnesota Made The

Paddle Wheel Legislation a Priority 2019.


    We thank Allied Charities of Minnesota membership and Board for their continued endorsement of attempts to modify the ticketing/wagering process for paddle wheels that, while keeping existing wheel operations the same as they are now, would effectively allow the secure and efficient launch of electronic wheels and tables .... bringing Tri-Wheel® up to the 21st century and saving organizations a fair bit of money that could be going to carry out their causes.


The Bill is Here


So, you say, why not seek approval of the very same operating method for the Pig Wheel as it is in North Dakota?  Well, that too would be opposed by the tribes and the technology offered (see our electronic wheel pages) is actually superior to that of North Dakota.


Wheels in Minnesota (Electronic and Mechanical)

Taxed at 8.5%,  Not the 18 - 36%


Not only are Pigs fun,

they are less hoggy of charity funding


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