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Unique Attributes of Gaming Wheels

Wheels provide an experience different from cards, dice or even the balls in bingo and keno.  Wheels naturally glide to a stop.  In the case of vertical wheels, versus the rotating wheel of Roulette, the player can have a fair bit of time physically viewing the progress of their bets as the wheel slows to a stop.  We call the point from which a player is able to recognize their bet on a rotating wheel to the point at which the wheel stops - "the sweet zone."  In designing our wheels we provide a long sweet zone - meaning a long slowdown.  When watching players at our wheels, it is rewarding to view them lean forward, sometimes out of their chair, in anticipation as their bet selection rises on the wheel as a possible win.  Often there can be heard a little cheering, coaxing their number, or in the case of the Pig Wheel, their pig, to a fortuitous stop on top to win .  Should the paddle click past their number, the player can often be seen throwing themselves back into their chair in frustration -- sometimes this is accompanied with a spicy utterance.


You simply do not get this level of prolonged anticipation with cards, dice or balls.  Wheels provide a far better display of random output than most other gaming devices.  If you haven't tried one of our smooth, gliding wheels - you are missing out on a great time.

Origins of Pig Wheel™

In the Spring of 1998, Joe Richardson was asked by Lien Games to enter into a joint development whereby Richardson would design a wheel game to be marketed by Lien Games.  Richardson was to supervise design and construction while Lien would pay for the initial production and engage in marketing in ND and beyond.  Richardson, or Gaming Studio, would receive a minimal royalty guarantee over the first five and then ten years for the sale of games other than those sold into the North Dakota charitable gaming market.  Furthermore, Gaming Studio would retain all electronic rights without reserve.  The game was never marketed beyond North Dakota charities which resulted in all rights under the original agreement going to Gaming Studio, Inc.


The Pig Wheel™ is now available through any licensed distributor in North Dakota for sale to licensed gaming organizations in North Dakota.


Playing on the popularity of pig symbols designed by Norm Wilner of Universal Manufacturing for use with their pull tab games and working the popularity of pigs as an entertaining image, the product of Richardson's design was the Pig Wheel.  Universal Manufacturing provided us with an exclusive right to use Norm's pig images for wheel games.  As to who the names of the pigs are referring to, I'll divulge one every few years.  "Bob" originally was named after Bob Krauth formerly of Moorhead, MN - a craftsman who built the original Great Gamble Gaming Studio (since 1998 just Gaming Studio) wheels and tables.

Legislative News on Electronic Wheels


By including in proposed legislation allowance for the use of symbols in addition to numbers on a wheel the very popular Pig Wheel™ could come to Minnesota should the proposed legislation pass.  There is no reason to restrict paddlewheels to numbers alone, especially when we use electronic simulated wheels.


Wheels in Minnesota (Electronic and Mechanical)

Taxed at 8.5%,  Not the 18 - 36%

Spin Up Tax Savings with Wheels


Please thank Representative Lien as the leading legislative champion along with Senator Koran for trying to make the 2012 legislation work.




In 2012, Minnesota authorized electronic simulated wheels.  That aimed to resolve issues with spin-bias caused by natural balance related anomalies, including variations in humidity in bars it also would solve the inadvertent and, possibly, intentional human spin bias ("pitching").  Additionally, the cost of using paper tickets with each and every wager, as required without this legislative fix, is so high that it is difficult for organizations to bear that electronic wheels become too expensive.  With an alternative method of wagering that is more efficient and less expensive, the electronic wheels will be part of the solution and the only table game in Minnesota Lawful Gambling (the most social of games allowed in the charitable gaming taverns) will have a market large enough to justify development costs.


HF 0356 and SF 0512


The bills for 2019, HF0356, authored by Representative Lien in the House and SF0512 by Senator Koran are identical to those of offered and not heard in 2018.  Salute Representative Lien and Senator Koran for their effort to finally complete the 2012 legislation by adding the regulatory and definitional context that is needed to realize what the legislators in 2012 intended.


Allied Charities of Minnesota Priority 2019 Legislation


     We thank Allied Charities of Minnesota membership and Board for their continued endorsement of attempts to modify the ticketing/wagering process for paddle wheels that, while keeping existing wheel operations the same as they are now, would effectively allow us to efficiently launch electronic wheels and tables .... in many cases bringing Tri-Wheel® up to the 21st century.  The existing wheel and table is very expensive both in consumption of a paper ticket being used for each wager.  These tickets cost organizations over 4¢ for each wager and and more in indirect costs of controlling the secured inventory of tickets.  The paper tickets are less secure and being less attractive to the newer generation.  No new table has been produced in the past 27 years!  That's right, any table you see is over 27 years old and while we feel quite satisfied that they have lasted that long in a bar environment, we know they are dying away.  With them goes the only social table game in the charitable gaming portfolio.  And, it is the social attributes of table games that are attractive to the newer, younger, players.


All other game types in Minnesota have functioning electronic adaptations


What the MN legislation proposed in 2019 does:

1.  Can reduce your effective gaming tax rate.

       For every dollar, after prize payout, you realize from wheel games, you bring down

       your effective tax rate.  Wheels are taxed at 8.5% and, increasingly, organizations are

       finding themselves in the 36% tax bracket.  If you have pretty hot sites, you really can

       benefit your overall organizational fundraising with wheel games.


2.  Allows us to offer a one-ticket-many-bet format, consolidate all of

     the bet selections of a player for up to 10 consecutive spins onto one


      This is accomplished by using the Player Selection Form whereby all of the players

      selections are indicated and then scanned into a terminal that records all of those

      selections and issues one ticket encompassing them.  This wagering system is accurate,

      easy and secure and allows for timely reporting and auditing of related transactions.

      This wagering  process will reduce tons of related imported paper consumption by

       over 95%.


3.  Allows the random generation of target numbers to be

     conducted on a central server and sent down to all of the wall

     mounted wheels on the network every 4 or 5 minutes.

      Brings regulatory oversight with regard for the efficacy of the random process to

      one central computer rather than hundreds of computers scattered about the

      state.  The central computer also keeps real transactional records including wagers and

      payouts made.


4.  Since one piece of paper, ticket, can represent several wagers

     instead of just one, we eliminated the prize limit per ticket and

     replace with prize per wager of $500 per $1 wager and $1000 per $2



5.  Enables electronic tables using multi-touch sensitive digital

     surfaces and virtual tickets or chips.

     Player approaches the table and provides cash for as many chips as they wish, not to

       exceed $2 per chip.  The chips are issued to their "home stack" at one of the designated

       positions at the table.  All chips in a player's possession are same value, established at

      the time of purchase.  The player moves the chips to designated areas on the table

       indicating where they wish to play.  The wheel operator calls for a simulated spin

       when they believe the betting is complete.  The table surface is locked from further

       input until the spin is completed.  Once the spin is stopped, the losing chips expand

      and poof in a cloud.  The winning chips expand and the payout quantity is indicated -

      followed by the chips moving on top of the player's home stack.  A player indicating a

      wish to cash out will have their chips removed to a position in front of the operator

      until a printed receipt for the value of chips is provided.  The player takes the receipt to

      the jar cashier or other designated party to redeem for cash.  Wheel operators are still

      used to take cash, print cash out receipts, order spins and provide instruction on how

      to play and to maintain a positive and entertaining experience with paddle wheel



6.  Allows the use of symbols in addition to numbers on a wheel.

     This will allow us to introduce our very popular Pig Wheel™ and potentially use some

       symbols (gophers, walleye, etc.) that are significant in Minnesota.


7.  Provides the Minnesota Gambling Control Board regulatory

     authority over all components, sales, distribution and operations of

     electronic wheels.


8.  In general, makes for a wheel games that are secure, efficient,

     easier regulated, easily audited and inexpensive to operate.

What the legislation doesn't do:

1. Does not authorize electronic simulated paddle wheels.

     Those are already in statute.  We, as the wheel experts, are making them efficient

     and capable of being operated securely and cost effectively.


2. Does not change the current conduct of existing wheel games.


3. Does not eliminate wheel operators or authorize, in any form,

    player activated wheel or gaming devices.

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