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How to Play the popular manually spun Pig Wheel wagering table game

Pig Wheel by Gaming Studio, Inc.
Pig Wheel Gaming Table by Gaming Studio, Inc.

How to Play

  1.  Provide the wheel operator with cash.  They will exchange chips of a certain color for the cash which is then plunged into a lock box (for which they do not have a key) under the table.


  2.  Place chips on any number, alpha character, pig or Odd or Even.


  3.  Once the table is called closed, the operator will spin the wheel.  Players may not touch the felt between the time that an operator calls the table closed for bets and until the table is announced open again.


  4.  Losing chips are removed from the table and the winning chips are paid off according to where they were placed and the respective payout.  Tipping is greatly appreciated by the operators.  If you have a big score -- 10% is typical.


  5.  You cash out by converting your wheel chips to casino chips and then cashing the casino chips with the cashier -- care to try a little "21" before you cash out?

A Note on "House Advantage" and Value

The Pig Wheel® carries an 11.11% "house advantage" almost any way you bet it.  That means it pays out over the long haul, 89.89%.  The cost the player pays is the "house advantage" for any game applied times the amount the player bets.  In any given session of gaming, this will not apply - it is over the very long haul.   We know that players can be almost as cost conscious in gaming as they are in any other form of entertainment.  Therefore, we compare the cost to other games by comparing the "house advantages."  North Dakota pull tabs in 2012 had a house advantage of 21% while bingo's advantage was less at 18.2%.  This means pull tabs have a 90% and bingo a 64% higher cost to play than did Pig Wheel™.   Pull tabs take about 5 seconds to open (slowly) each.  Considering time going up and buying the tabs and then redeeming the wins, let's call it 7 seconds total.  Therefore you would run through about 8.5 tabs per minute or 510 per hour - of steady play.  At $1 a tab that would be a gross bet of $510 with a payback of 79% or $402.90 or a cost to play of ($510 - $402.90) of $107.10.  Pull tabs are the most expensive game in neighborhood bars.  Compare that with Pig Wheel and you are betting $10 per spin.  Each spin (depending how full the table is) happens every 3 minutes (North Dakota is much faster than Minnesota on spins because in ND you bet on the felt without tickets).  With 20 spins per hour at $10 per spin, your gross bet is $200 which taken with the house advantage of 11.11% would mean you spend on average $22.22 per hour or 1/5th what it would cost to play $1 tabs.  Given the social environment of the Pig Wheel table, that critter does bring play value that might be missing from the more introverted pull tab.  I do, of course, realize that pull tabs can be played socially with a table of people betting and opening them together.


So, what about that other game "21?"  It has about a 5% house advantage.  Let's say you bet $10 per hand on average.  Each hand goes by in 1 minute on average.  Thus, your gross bet would be $600 per hour with a payout back to you, on average, of about $570 leaving $30 as your cost to play.  Not bad but a little higher than the Pig Wheel®.  With "21" paying 1.5 x your bet the multiples on payoff are not as high as you can win from the Pig's 40x your bet.  On the other hand, pull tabs and bingo provide very high multiples in comparison -- but, you are paying for those big dreams.  The Pig gives you a bit of a dream on winning with a lower cost per hour of play.


Enjoy the Pig Wheel® and don't play so long you feel bad over the amount you lose.  Be careful and have fun yelling for the pig named "Joe" -- or one of the other splendid critters.

Newest Edition Pig Table for North Dakota

This is a premium table meant to look great and hold up for a long time.  Ask your distributor to check with us on acquiring a great small table that will allow for as many as eight players while taking a minimum of site floor space.

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